Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet My Kitty CAT FRIENDS!!

I want u 2 meet my special Kitty Pals.

This is My Boy, TomPetty. The little guy got left behind when his poor mom got scared and tried to move her litter. He cried and cried for so long, then I went a picked him up and gave him a tiny bottle with really expensive kitten formula, and every 2 hours for the next 4-6 weeks. God was i so tired. I musta took him to the vet a thousand times i was so worried. But now He is about 10 lbs, with claws of steel and fangs for teeth!:) Elvis does not like it one bit, and Priscilla is iffy too. He is a brute, but still lays his head on my shoulder sometimes when i pick him up. He will be 2 this July. He is very picky too.

This is my Sweet old fella Elvis. He is almost 13. He's alot Maine Coon. See the M above his eyes? He used to be a real killer -dragging the poor squirrelies and birdies home for gifts, but these days, he spends alot of time stretching and sleeping. I love him so so much. My daughter Jessica brought him home from a yard sale when she was 10. She's 23 now.

This is Priscilla. She is 4. And WHAT a GIRL she is. She loves jewelry and sweets! She bites my wedding rings and makes me share my dried fruit, pastry, anything with icing, ice cream too. She has got loooong hair and its beeeaaautiful. I believe she was an Opera Singer in a past life, because She sits at the bottom of the stairs and SIIIINGs SO LOUD - but if we look at her she stops and gives this look like "What?" She is the only Girl. I got her from CatWelfare, and waited at the door for an hour before they opened cause i wanted her so much.

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