Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi. I'm introducing a new folk art fairy to the 'Abby Buttons' Series. I dont know her name yet. I've posted a pic and blog hoping to get some ideas. Response was very good for Abby, so maybe I'll get some feedback for this girl. Here is her pic, and the spot is listed as the title here. The site is a blast for all types of crafty and creative people. The members are super friendly.

FAIRY ART by loralai: Whole Foods EARTH DAY Contest & Show

FAIRY ART by loralai: Whole Foods EARTH DAY Contest & Show

Whole Foods EARTH DAY Contest & Show

 Whole Foods is holding their 3rd annual April Show and Contest! And Yay Me I get to show a coupla Fairies there. For the month of April, in Columbus, original painting titled 'My Very Own Cow' and 'Hold On To Your Halo' will be on display. There will be a contest also. I'm hoping this event will generate additional interest in Abby Buttons, which will segway into my Summer sales events. Here are my latest creations, and BTW I have created a Pal for Abby - Her name is April Pockets, and she is freakin adorable. Wait till u see her.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Whole New Art Venue!

These are all new paintings from,
I'm also taking a few paintings to
Whole Foods here in Dublin for an April show. My cuties will be on display for a month, and there's a contest on Earth Day too!
Maybe somebody will see my Fairy Art and who knows maybe sell more Art ! I'm enjoying the creation process so much, its just a joy to make these paintings.
I was gonna scrap the doll idea, but i did a soft cloth doll with a simple shape and painted body. It looked alot like Abby Buttons, i was able to wash and dry it, and my daughter Jessica is willing to get out her sewing machine and sew some doll patterns for me to paint and finish!
That feels like a good idea too. I did 2 more paintings today; one is called 'Gimme a Break' with Abby at the beach, and 'Dancing with the Stars', with Abby doing her Ballerina imitation. I'll post those soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The World of ABBY BUTTONS !

I have a name now for the red-head fairy: Abigail Buttons! I finished a series of painting with her holding her animal pals, now i'm off to explore the rest of Abby's World! I'm interested in doing a Summer show locally, so I'll be working hard to get my inventory together. BTW, dolls and boxes are out, fairy wands, tote bag kits, embellished notecards and framed prints are in. I hafta make sure I really love everything i'm doing. If it starts to be mundane or I find myself dreading a project, then I simply drop it, change it and move on. The vibes must always be positive so I end up with a Fun, Happy Abby.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hi. I have a new Fairy painting in this Folk Art PRIM Series.
It's called My Very Own Cow. This Girl really needs a name. I thought of Elbie (L.B. thats my initials) but I wonder if Anyone has another idea...LMK PLEASE!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

An ART SALE on eBAY?!!??!

OMG I really cant believe it! I sold the Fairy & Chicken Painting today on eBay. I seldom list there anymore. eBay used to be a SUPER Fun, HIGHLy Profitable Art Sales Venue. I was truly addicted for quite awhile. I still have 100% Feedback rating (165), which I really worked hard to sustain, and I'm still proud of.

But for some reason, (I think after the CEO change) eBay started changing the rules to benefit the Buyer Only, NOT the Seller. Fees were raised, and the smaller seller like me was being run out. That was about the same time (late Fall '08) that the economy really tanked, and the Buyers left. I've checked with some PowerSellers in the Art Community and they arent even listing anymore. Sad.

Maybe one day eBay will be viable for us Indie Artists again. One can always hope. Hope is Free y'all!! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another FAIRY Folk Art PRIM by loralai

Howdy! ANOTHER fun Folk Art Primitive! This is 3 in my series called 'My Very Own'. This is of course "My Very Own Pig". I'm really happy with the way these are going. The simple, country style design will appeal to a wide audience, and I think they will do well in my next show. Plus I need to give this Fairy a name. Hmmmm...... I'm thinking 'Elbie'. It's my initials! (L.B. - Loryia Bond) Get it!!
I also am all set up on and encourage crafters to do the same. Its really easy to access groups and get unique free ideas for your next project.
Also, even though its slow going, I am listing on . Eventually I think that sight will make me a happy camper. Hope springs eternal, ya know!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A VERY Useful Book for ALL ARTists and Crafters

I have found a Super Helpful book full of great advice for all handmade & original sellers of arts and crafts and really ANY business owner.

It's by Sandra McCall ( and North Light Books. She is a Mixed Media wizard who is so very successful at everything from sales to teaching. She gives exact detailed information on how to market your crafts. Her new book is called 'The savvy Crafter's GUIDE TO SUCCESS'.

I have gathered bits and pieces of valuable information along my way, but here they ALL are in one comprehensive guide full of Mixed Media Artists and examples of their work which is very inspiring. There's also a resource guide and online information. DO check it out. I'm gonna follow her advice to the letter, which has got me started on this blog. My sales this year are really gonna grow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New FAIRY Series 'MY VERY OWN......'

Each girl has her very own folk art animal! Many more to come!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Christinia's Escape

I finished this painting for my Sister today. I am so glad to do this for her.. she has mentioned this idea several times over the years, but i couldn't get a vision of it. Now i think i am happy with this painting. It is done on an old wood cabinet door, in watery acrylics. The sky and sea colors are called Caymen Blue and Turquoise. I used real sand in the fore and a wood sun cut-out. Sanding produced highlights, and the salt shaker and sail on the boat are left unpainted except for the base coat. I hope she finds it a relaxing oasis for many years to come. Maybe one day She will go to Mexico.

Sunday, March 1, 2009



I was just thinking How Great it is to just Be. It's really the Small things that are the Greatest Blessings. Here are a few:

Take a Hot Shower and put on your Hubby's Pj's.

Lay on the couch and watch 'The Golden Girls'.

Order a Pizza and have it delivered.

Get up early and have coffee on the porch.

Buy an Old Quilt from the Thrift Store.

Watch Key Largo when its raining.

Adopt an animal from a Shelter.

As an Artist, I really see the beauty in all things; life can be quite wonderful.