Friday, July 31, 2009

K. The Key words for this effort are 'probably' and 'maybe'. I probably have looked at it too long and have lost my focus and ability to make a coherent judgement on the outcome. Maybe i have misjudged the shading. It is supposed to be set in the darkness with 'maybe' the Moon shining on the water lilly petals. The petals are printed from a Fairy book I often use. It is pretty old and I've got lots of stuff sticking inside the pages like photos, half done ideas, pieces and scraps of projects that didnt work out, at least, not yet. Everything falls out when I pick it up but that does not stop me from picking it up and letting everything fall out. Maybe I still have not got the message that I should clean out that book and probably organize the miscellaneous contents.
The lilly pads are Mulberry Paper, which has threads running though it and looks very natural and pretty, plus I liked the olive color. I used jewelry wire to make the words 'Nite Life', but I'm not sure it shows up very well. I am glad to be able to make the words using the wire though, because otherwise how would I get them? Craft stores have some 'word' options, but they are usually limited to 'Dream' and 'Love', you know the deal.
Anyways, I finally got the 'Bright' (teehee) idea to paint the petals white, which added the only possibility of success to the effort. The paper bag dragonfly wings have some sparkly blue added which is similar to what I've seen in real dragonflies. I hope so anyways, then i got desperate and put silver glitter on the body, which is pearl paper clay. 12"x12"x1".
Well, its O.K. I'm on to the next Artwork idea, which is 2 witches on old recaptured (recycled!) wood cabinet fronts. They match, and are extraordinary in style, so I have high hopes for these pieces, which means I better not goof them up. They will be 2 witches, one black hair and dress holding a white cat, the other an opposite, white hair and dress holding a black cat. They will be wearing crowns which replicate castles, a scary one and a kind of princess one.
Thanks for reading all of this nonsense. :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BON VOYAGE ! - Mixed Media Artwork

GOOD Morning ! What a beautiful Sunny Day is gonna be - Hmmmm.... what fun shall I have today.....ART !!! I think I'll paint another Paper Bag Bug. teehee!!! SOOO Cute. Like this one.
When we go to Michigan, near Traverse City, and get in the little aluminum fishing boat by the fishing cabins, and go out on Lake Choppy or whatever it is called, the water looks like this. And sometimes the sky looks like this too, and we have to go really fast to get back to the cabins before it comes a thunderstorm, and I have to hold on to the sides of the boat so I dont go flying out. But I have my lifejacket on even though no one else does which makes me look like a landlubber nerd but I dont care because sometimes my hubby is not totally careful and so anything could happen. So I feel like the Paper Bag Butterfly holding on for dear life.
Once we went canoeing in this place called The River of Skulls, which should've told me something. But anyways, it is also the Pierre Marquette River I think thats what it is called. But Honey-Buns had to scoot all around to get his derriere completely comfortable on the life preserver seat, and in the process he caused us to dump right over and we had just got in of course.
All of our stuff went floating away and the water was about 10 feet deep so the canoe was floating away too, and there was an older couple who went by very expertly in their canoe and stared at us. So we were totally soaking wet when we saved our own lives and got back in the canoe which was not easy. We lost some of our stuff and the new camera got totally soaked, but in like 3 days it started working again!!! It was a Kodak so we totally believe in that brand and always get a Kodak when we need a new camera. The rest of the way was twisty and turny and thank goodness the old man knows how to steer a canoe, at least once he gets his butt adjusted that is. By the Way, the life preserver that was the subject of our tipping over made him sit up too high once he got adjusted so he threw it in the back of the canoe.
That is all I have to say about that.
The butterfly wings are crumpled paper bags, and the same stuff is used on the cardboard form which makes the boat. I used some 24 gauge (i think) jewelry wire to make the words 'Bon Voyage', them put some black paint on to help it show up. Then I cut out some polka dot blue paper for the sails, and sprayed a little pearl paint for a final touch. Then I coated the whole thing with mod podge in Matte.
Now I'm gonna make another one. Then I'm gonna go get another recaptured (recycled) cabinet door and make a witch.
Thanks for reading about my vacation.

Monday, July 27, 2009

BELIEVE - New MiXed MEdia COLLAge Artwork

Titled 'BELIEVE' this is the Companion Artwork to 'Flying Dream', which I Blogged about on my last post. The intention is to show the Butterfly over the Water, which is a reflection of the Sky in the previous Artwork titled 'Dream' (or, 'Flying Dream'). The Water is always a Reflection of the sky as you know. If the Sky is Milky White with high clouds and dappled blue, then so is the Water. The Rose is one of my Favorite Flowers, and it is included in my Astrological details, as I am a Gemini. Roses surround my home in all colors and varieties.
Also the Butterfly is connected with Gemini, and I have a butterfly tattoo. Plus, everyone loves Butterflies. And Dragonflies. My Grandmother called them 'Snake Doctors'. There is Lore connected with that but I cant remember. I'll have to ask my Mom about it. I'll tell you more about that when I blog again. If YOU know about the Snake Doctors, tell me all!
These 2 pieces are being listed and hopefully SOLD as a pair. They are quite nice and I am very happy with them.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have had the Dream of Flying only 2 times. Maybe 3. And I dream ALOT. Vividly. In long 'Movies'. Sometime I have like premonitions i guess. And sometimes i dream of things that happened recently, but i had no knowledge of them at the time. I will tell my Mom about them, and She will sometimes tell me about something that just happened which she hadnt thought to tell me about yet. Once i dreamed about a cyber-pal who lives in San Franscisco. I dreamed I was at a Store or Restaurant she owned. Her husband and mine were there too. Business was great, the store was really rustic, lots of wood fixtures, and people were buying like souvenirs and gift-y items. It was So Fun. When I told her about it she said 'That was my Store near Haight/Ashbury back in the 60's'. Gave us both chills... She's such a hippie too. Still!
Anyway, if you ever have a Flying Dream, you are very lucky. They are rare.
This effort on Canvas (for a change) is representative of my Flying Dream. Paper bags make the wings, sprayed with water and crumpled. Dried Rose petals from my personal collection, paper confetti, hand cut, glass beads, stars and a small butterfly print of my Original Art is mounted on Stained Glass and added to the piece. The Dragonfly is made of Pearl Paper Clay. Acrylics are used for the first layer. Semi-gloss sealer spray is used in several coats to make the wings hard and secure all the stuff onto the canvas. I bought the silvery charm at a craft store, and was glad to have it this morning for this Artwork!
I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS on my Artwork. Follow this blog and I get FREE Signed Prints of any of my Artwork on the blog!

Monday, July 20, 2009

MORNING GLORY - new painting !

This recycled wood cabinet door was a find at Habitat for Humanity's Re-Build center.
I used yellow ochre and a bright gloss yellow for the background. Metallic pinky-fuschia and cobalt blue are used for the 'Morning Glory' portion, with gloss white centers.
Pearl paint glazes the flowers and also the frame, over the white gloss. Very striking, a lovely Portrait style pose.
She has a Mae West feel, I think. Do you?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is my Enchanted Fairy Cottage

An Enchanted Fairy Cottage ! Tall paper mache form, a total blast to transform into a Magical House ! I can really feel that this home would be just right in a bed of Thyme or Mint, or deep in the Woods of a Dark, Thick Forest. This is where I would live if I were a Fairy. WERE ???!!


I'm gonna make a few more of these I think.

Altered ART Boxes !

These paper mache boxes are just perfect for keeping fairy treasure safe and sound! An image of my original art is mounted to the top, embellished and finished with diamond glaze, totally clear and shiny. Sides of lid are b-e-a-utiful, and the inside of the lid hides a surprise! Each is one-of-a-kind decorated to match the painting, some have a mirror and jewels, some have a seascape motif, no two exactly alike. I have sold several in the Mermaid design on ebay, and since it is totally FUN to use my Original Art to make these keepsakes, I do plan on doing a bunch.
Hopefully they will find their way to a local sale, but i'm also offering them on etsy and ebay, so check 'em out, at a super nice price !

Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Moonlighting' Vintage Witch Folk Art Painting - NEW !!

She has a pretty face. The Moon is scrubbed
in with a damp sponge. The stars are srubbies too. The background color is purples and white
with a medium blue on top. The semi-opaque black
lets the background colors show through a
little. Its a big 30" tall Vintage recycled Cabinet
Door. Like it??

Monday, July 6, 2009

here are s'more pics of this fairy girl painting

This cute fairy girl is ready for her new Home !
Moroccan Red, which has a touch of orange, is paired with yellow ochre and a kind of transparent black, and the result is almost an old-fashioned Renaissance feel. I really love the look of carved flowers in the painting. Oh, BTW the size is ... hold on i gotta get my measuring tape......OK. 18"x24". Thats nice and generous for a striking, Original Wall Hanging. Show your Pals you support Outsider Art, specifically MINE !! :)

Flower Girl - NEW Folk Art Painting

This painting started with a trip to my local

Habitat for Humanity Re-Build Store.

Sturdy shoes required for rummaging thru

lots of Home Repair/Restoration stuff to find a

suitable 'Framed' cabinet door.

Scuffed, Sealed, Painted and Finished,

Available today probably at my Etsy Store.

She would also look great on a paper mache Trinket Box.

Maybe I'll do that too.

Looking forward to September when I hope to do

a Winterfair sale. This image may be there also!

Her title is 'Flower Girl'. The Orangy-Red color is totally

Beautiful with the Yellow Ochre hair and slick black frame.

Used a wet pencil-top eraser to 'carve' the flower designs, and

some permanent marker lines to accent. The result

is a dimensional, carved look, with the paint lightened to represent

the dress, and the black paint allows some brush-strokes to

come thru. Since the painting is done directly over the maple-finish

of the frame, the color comes thru slightly, which is exactly

what I wanted. Mmmmmm. So satisfying.