Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art Totes - getting ready for Fall Craft Bazaars !

My new tote bags are not ready yet. I hafta do alot more with the bag, the image, and everything. But its a start. I wanna use a much larger image, and maybe dye the bag to match the image. I dont sew, seriously, so what i do has to be with the painted image and some very minor other stuff like the dye. I've tie-dyed, and maybe I could add a snap closure by some miracle. We'll see. Stay tuned for better tote bags.

Witch Hot Air Balloon Folk Art Painting

This was a fun painting. I can just feel the wind in my face as I float along in my Hot Air Balloon. I mean the Witch. In the painting.....;)
I have always wanted to take a balloon ride.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painted Kitty

This sweet little boy hangs around the house and i feed him and he has a place to sleep too if he wants it. He is SO loving, wants to be petted whenever i am outside. So when I put my painting stuff on the picnic table where i like to work when its nice out, Here He Comes!
He almost walked onto the support, so I pulled him away quickly, then realized i had paint on my hands (NO!). So now He has paint on HIM!! U can see the turquoise dabs on His nose, ear and side!
Poor thing! There is some on his foot, here and there, and how is He gonna get it off???
Its acrylic so it will come off eventually and wont hurt Him. I just LOVE this little guy. The friendliest semi-feral I have ever been in contact with, and I feed em and pay attention to the homeless cats, so I have been around them for many years. I would love to have Him inside, but I have 3 already and my daughter has allergies too! I'm gonna order a really nice heated mat for the cat house we have, and probably some heated dishes. My hubby thinks that is Just Great..........;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help the Whales - Mermaid Painting

I hope this girl gets her message across - Help the Whales, but not so much that they become annoyed ! I think its funny and sweet. The little baby Whale seems to enjoy being cuddled ! What a baby.

The pretty purple hair has a layer of shimmer underneath, and a gold crown too. Purple and Red dominate, blended with an emerald glaze and true blue, with the sandy colors of course.

Maybe I'll paint a layer of translucent pearl onto the frame. Should I also put on some mixed media stuff??? Pearls, shells in the sand, glass bubbles??? Maybe. Naah. Maybe.
OK I did. Here is also the version after I really had some fun. Looks a little Suzi Blu - ish, but since she has cornered the market on that style, I'd like to do my own thing with the pearly, sparkly mixed media. Which is my usual modus operandi !!

New View - Woo Hoo !!!

My Sweet Hubby did this for me. Now I can post any picture as it would look in my Living Room! Dont it look GREAT!

So potential buyers can see how it might look on Their Wall.

The other pic is of me on my Wedding Day. I mean OUR Wedding Day... :) It is not for sale.


Friday, August 21, 2009


I finally figured out how to make my blog background Black! Wow was that hard - NOT ! It takes me forever I swear to figure out the easiest thing. That is why my art is such a labor of love. Anybody else with these brains woulda given up long ago and watched some reality tv.

Water Color

Sometimes when I'm painting, the color in the water jar just amazes me. I find myself gazing at it, kind of forgetting what I was doing. Yes, this Is scary! :) I use old rags to dab my brushes, instead of paper towels, then throw em all in a small wash at least twice a year....
Anyway, I wanted 2 share this one, I LOVE this color.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starlight or Love Life - Special Request For Cheree

I am so crazy about this painting. So much to love! For ONE thing, the painting looks different, more luminous, in different lighting. One pic is with the flash ON, one is with the flash OFF. In a darker room, the pearlessence just SHINES. The stars, moon ring, jewelry, pendant lights and dress just POP! In daylight they become less prominent, and the shine on the leaves in the background become much more noticeable.

The patterns are purposely repeated, to relax the eye, and a natural kind of flooring draws the eye downward, then the eclipsed Full Moon anchors the painting, with soft curves all around the painting, pulling the viewer around the artwork's gentle flow. The green hues also have a hint of blue.

The Main Subject of the painting is the female figure. The painting centers around her, though she is not exactly Centered on the painting, and the male figure, though prominent, is more of a Supporting Actor.

There is fish element, represented in the suspenders and bird bath. This is representative of elemental Life, as is also represented by the Heavenly bodies, and the Earthly ones too.

I would like to title this painting 'Starlight' or 'Love Life'.


DEAR CHEREE, I would like your approval on this effort. I can make small color changes, also I can change the color of the Frame to a Sapphire Blue, Metallic Black or Antique Gold. Though I Really Like this Pearly Greenish color, it matches the leafy background, and I think u will 2. But I'll change it. If u want. I think the man is a cross between Barack, Tiger and Larry King! The Blonde is Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera maybe.

The size is apx 17x23". It is a lighter weight than the one you just purchased, and of several doors I just bought, this one seemed the best for this painting.

If u would like to pay by Credit Card, I can list it on ebay. They Just sent me a message that Buyers can use this method when they check out if they dont want to use Paypal, dont have an account, etc. The price is $59, PLUS shipping IF listing on ebay ( i will use calculated shipping 2 your zip with several options).
If u prefer to buy Privately with paypal or check, I will cover shipping, because then I dont have to pay ebay fees.
I REALLY enjoyed doing this Painting. It was a happy experience. I feel content with the results, and I particularly like the People and the play on Lighting with this Artwork. I also appreciate your interest in my Work, and hope to continue a wonderful relationship.

Thanks - L

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Silhouette Witch Painting with Black Cat and Moon Beams

So excited about this Silhouette Painting! It turned out exactly as I imagined, which isnt ALWAYS the case, sometimes my idea changes as I begin the effort, I see some possibility that would seem to work better, or realize that an idea just cant be realized.
However, this time the Moon Beams, background trees, even the insinuation of a cloud over the Moon turned out exactly as I wanted. Yummy. Its not a big piece, only 13x17, which still isnt exactly Miniature! The signature is on the Frame portion, not the inside painting, the Hat does seem to hang on the tree branch, and the feeling of joy and abandon is conveyed in the painting as I wanted, so I just Truly HOPE that somebody else sees it too, then I will feel Understood, and that my effort is worthwhile... So, we will see. This item is for buy-it-now style on ebay, instead of Auction format, which is really what I am doing with all of my Artwork that I offer there now.
The Auction thing isnt really intended for the Art, at least I dont think so. I could put a Reserve on it if I didnt want to sell until it got to a certain price. Thats an idea to explore soon maybe. How about you Artists out there? How do you feel about Reserve and Buy-it-Now as opposed to Auction format - LMK ! chat at or
XX/OO !!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sketch of new Artwork for Kathryn

This is the sketch for a new Painting. Sketch size is 14x17, and i hope to transfer directly to the support without changing the size of the man and woman too much. I used the images I received to create an outdoor garden theme, with one design used for the 'pendant' lights, which kind of hang in the air, a 'mountain' provides the surface for another image, which is the trailing ivy pattern covering a large portion of the background. The rug portion will be a kind of sisal or natural bamboo stuff, represented by another image sent to me, and the color would be a natural brown/tan/creamy combo. (?)
The figures are seated on a fancy, plush chaise. She is reclining against his chest as requested, dreaming, resting or sleeping. His expression feels protective and loving. Perhaps He is home from a long day at last, and they are sharing a moment in an outdoor garden, relaxing in eachother's arms.
She is wearing a simple cotton summer dress and slippers with a puffy top, kind of fancy. His clothing is office-y dress, with shiny black shoes perhaps and stripes in his shirt with pink fishy suspenders as requested. The pattern in the pendant lights is repeated in the chaise legs.
I would like to do this painting in either warm, tropical colors OR a blue to beige peach, mentioned in a previous email. PLEASE lmk what u think, sweetie. My daughters Godson just arrived and so I must go and KISS and HUG him.
Love, Loralai

Friday, August 14, 2009

FAIRY Tale WITCH Painting NEW on Vintage Wood


Her long Green Robe is gonna get all kinds of dirt on it and pine needles probably and bugs and spiders too. She probably doesnt even care. That Beautiful Red Apple is TOO Tempting and its special magic qualities are just what this little lady is looking for - These Magic Apples come in handy in Fairy Tales, tempting the unsuspecting young maidens and what-not. What is She up to, I wonder -
I was happy to find this old cabinet door at The Hab, its not too heavy and the old hardware came off pretty easily. I always feel so powerful when I accomplish ANYthing with a screwdriver. Or those plier things. The frame color is just perfect - it looks washed out being semi-opaque black over the old white wood, I decided to leave it like that instead of applying additional coats of black, which would be more opaque, but less aged looking. The piece is in pretty good shape considering its age, just a spot on the top edge where I had to fill in a small hole.
So satisfying.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Ready ! Private Request for a Red Fairy Girl

So happy to post this Requested Fairy Girl. The support, a recaptured cabinet door I found (as usual) as Habitat for Humanity's Rebuild Center, is a really dark one this time. I tried to use an unfinished door but it had like a gouge on the side which I tried to smooth out or fill in, neither worked ! So I had to get out the sand paper and my Elbow Grease ! These 'framed' doors are getting so hard to find ! But I keep looking, because they are my favorite supports to work with.. Years ago, I painted on wood because it was cheap and easy to find. Later I was able to buy canvas, and learned to stretch it myself, but after all, I hunt for the cabinet doors. And the money goes back to a very worthy cause, and I like that alot.

The color, called 'Moroccan Red' is a Folk Art brand I think, but I went to look for more and they were out. The spot was even gone. Hmmm.... So glad I had enough for this painting.

I used a photo of the last Red Fairy Girl (titled Flower Girl) to create this one, the only difference is I added some dots around the swirlies, and blue eyes this time instead of green - I gotta have SOME Fun !!! Still, the painting is not an exact copy of the last one, and I dont want it to be either. Each is one-of-a-kind, and so this one will never be exactly reproduced either.

I think this sketch would look nice painted all greenish-blue. Like a swishy mix of both colors (Like the painting titled Fairy Club - Members Only posted a short while ago. (Replacing the red entirely.) Maybe one day I'll do it, but not now because I've got a coupla Witch ideas. A pretty midnight blue, graduated to an eerie moonlit white for a background, then, well, just wait and see -
Check back often, and thanks for looking at my blog!!!

ANYHOW ! Your Fairy Girl is Ready !!! If you are satisfied with her, and would like to purchase this Painting the cost is $49. I will cover the shipping cost. The size is apx. 18"x23". I have not varnished it yet, so it will take a day or two before she can be packed. I can send a paypal request or feel free to send a personal check. LMK, and thanks for your interest in my art.

Get in touch at, or . Or leave a comment here - I'll check back later today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PRIVATE REQUEST - for a Mermaid in Miami

Why does this thing load the pics in the reverse order that i selected them???? I gotta remember that and select them in reverse i guess. hmmm....
Boy did I have a Blast making these paintings! Its been too long since I did these fun, sparkly, dimensional pieces. This time I chose square canvases. They measure 12x12x1, and are amazingly sturdy. Even more so than the 16x20's I used for so long. They have the shim things that make them extra warp-proof to insert in the back. Nice!
They are actually a Private Request from a Mermaid in Miami who had 3 little mermaid girls!! Cool! I was at the Aquarium with my little niece Darryan last week and I just mentally lived there with all those beautiful fish in the coral, watching sharks and stingray go by, catching glimpses of the colorful, exquisite fish playing hide-and-seek deep in the dark crooks and crevices. Wow. I'm startin' to tear up thinking about it.
Have you seen that Visa commercial where they show that SUPER COOL imagery of the Ocean, and I think they say something about taking your Daughter to the Aquarium on a Tuesday - and that song 'Tuesday Afternoon' is playing??? MAN DO I RUN TO THE TELLY WHEN THEY PLAY THAT COMMERCIAL!!! I should tape it so I can play it over and over. Would that be wierd or not?
The Seahorse was totally FUN to do. The encrusted belly and wing parts are a take on the Dragon Lore, because they lay on their treasure and it gets stuck in their Dragon skin.
Then theres the Vanity. That is a memory of my Grandmother's Dressing table from when we visited as little kids. She had an outhouse too. Which was totally normal for them. They live in the mountains and didnt get indoor plumbing until like 1980 or something!! But she had this gorgeous Vanity with a great big mirror, and it was so fancy I thought, and so much jewelry, and She would sometimes give us girls something. Once She gave me a golden fish, and it moved back and forth with its scales kind of loosely connected. Am I getting the idea across??
Anyway, the paintings are a Pair that match, but are not samey-samey. They are sealed with a semi-gloss finish that adds lots more dimension to the watery scenes.
Dear Buyer,
The cost is $54.00. I will cover shipping cost. Ready for their new home, feel free to Title These for me if you like, maybe the names could match your sweet girls?? If you would like something totally different, I will list these for sale on another site, and begin again. I have the sketches, of course.
I can send a paypal invoice or personal check is ok. LMK, I await your response!!!! THANKS so much for your interest in my Art!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hi. I finished this painting today. It has not been varnished yet. I want the paint to set about 24 hours. I couldnt take my eyes off of it, that is, only to dry them up with kleenex and blow my nose!!! I am a total sap for cats. Today my favorite Cat Lady came by for a donation, which I am GLAD to give cause She has helped me so much when my black cat Tom Petty was just a tiny baby and I couldnt get him to eat food - only his bottle !! :) She had 3 kittens in her truck, found in the bushes. She is truly an Angel, and a Cat Expert.
ANYHOW ! The colors are a powdery pink chiffon for the dress which has a swirly Rose effect, the hair is several red hues with a pearly white shine on the top, the black cat is several black hues including a kind of 'iron' and gloss black. The pearls in her hair are irridescent and shine in the light. The halo is a kind of 'swoosh' with the pearly white and gold mixed, which also shines. The background colors are a black cherry glaze over a coffee bean color, which is applied to the frame portion as well, in crosshatch strokes, creating an aged effect.
If u would like to buy this painting, the cost is $63.00 (about 10% less than ebay SOLD price for similar Artwork ). I pay the shipping cost. I can send a Paypal Invoice, or your personal check. The painting is 18"x24" and weighs around 6-7 lbs, so the best ship method would be UPS 1-6 days delivery. They have always been very reliable.
I would like to title the painting 'Always'. If you have another title idea, just LMK.
It will take another day or two before the painting is ready to be packed.
Yours Sincerely.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NoteCARD Original Art - Send it or FRAME it !!!

CHECK OUT these new Notecards ! I am phasing out my other items on Etsy, so I can concentrate on making this a Notecard/Print shop. I can turn any of my Original Paintings into Printed cards, which have a little white border, perfect for framing ! High quality inks will last a really long time, so Buyers can display these Original Artworks for many years, or send AS a gift - no Card needed. These are just a few of the offerings, so check out my Etsy store (link in margin). They are SOOOO reasonably priced, so take several - the Holidays are a'comin' !!!
My hubby had to make a new template to print these cards. He was like 'NOOO problem little lassie.' He didnt say lassie but I was at the Irish Festival over the weekend. But then it WAS a bit of a problem and he had to sit there working on it for like ever. He works on computers all day so I know he was hating it. He finally got it to work, half an ink cartridge later. Well, so I thought.......
When I went to print the cards myself, ka-blewie. It wouldnt even let me in the document. It was like viewable only, not editable. SO, I had to call hunny-bunches-of-oats out of the bedroom where he was watching 'The Day After Tomorrow' again, and He had to print all of my cards out. Well, alot of them anyways. Then he proclaimed this was the last one for today, so I will have to weasel him into doing it again for me REALLY SOON. But He doesnt know HOW Soon !! Hee hee hee ..........!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The pictured Cabinet front is a find from Habitat for Humanity (again)! When I went in last week in my flip-flop and sundress, the employees give me this look that says 'there she is again - the one who knocked down all the cabinet doors...'. I KNOW that is what they are thinking ONLY because of this ONE TIME when I DID knock down all of the doors. ONE TIME !!!
And that was ONLY because I saw this particular door that I just KNEW was the one I wanted! It was all the way at the top, and under a bunch of Heavy doors. When I pulled on it, they all came crashing down, which took what seemed like half an hour, but was only long enough for ALL of the volunteer employees who were wearing sensible, hard-toe shoes and cover-alls or Whatever to come and see me standing there in the midst of about 100 wood cabinet doors.
They said 'Do you need any help?' I said I would like to look at the Cabinet Door way up there on the top of the stack that was still standing, and one of the nice fellows got it down for me. But I didnt like it anyways. :)
And since then, they all give me this rolly-eye when I show up. Well, that does not stop me, and THANK GOODNESS because last time I found these 2 matching cabinet fronts, and I Just Know they are gonna turn out GREAT ! This one features a sleeping Kitty Cat, which has Cast a Spell on the Heart of this pretty, rennaissance style Witch.
Big, 18x24, sturdy and ready to hang, a real gem for the Witch Collector. Folk Art style, I plan on using the other recycled door to do a similar design, probably a Fairy Tale Witch, somehow holding a Big Red Apple !
And if those Volunteers would organize that Rebuild Store a little better, then I could find what I wanted a lot more easily.