Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gee Whiz.

I sure would like to settle on a coupla really cute ideas a pull together a final draft of my total artistic presentation. I seem to toddle between this and that. I like so many ideas, its hard to decide on just a few things. I have the Paintings, a little altered art, made some herbal sachets with prints on them, handsewn. Bought some pinbacks and now i might get some polymer clay and cabochons and make prints on polymer and cover with clear cabochon. If i can find some clear ones that are a good size that is. I buy seaglass in bags and use the big pieces for pendants, but then i'm left with a TON of seaglass pieces that i have no use right now for. Having a little left over is O.K., but soon i'll have 20 lbs of seaglass and no way to recoup the cost of it. I also have paper mache boxes and wood boxes, and a couple of Cuban cigar boxes that I turned into jewel boxes in a Mermaid theme. They are still on Etsy.

So I hope i get a 'ping' (my subliminal messages) about which way to go. Gemini is the Twins, so we have a hard time agreeing on Anything. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bea Arthur

I am so sad Bea Arthur died. It was a better world with Her in it. The Golden Girls, Maude, All in the Family are a few of my favorite shows still. You can catch the Girls almost everyday somewhere on cable. I do.

The Love Bug

I wasnt very happy with the first try on this painting. Finally i redid the head. Its better now. Plus I add some antennae. Thats unusual for my Fairies, but it works for this one. I also made a Tote Bag - that is - transferred the design TO a tote bag - and it looks really cute too. I'm gonna make a bunch of those for a show in the Fall (i hope).

Do Your Dance

Thats the title of my new Mermaid. She is soooo shiny and sparkly. Very happy with this one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did U know About my MERMAIDS?????

I have something to tell u. In the past several years, I concentrated almost entirely on Mermaids. I love them. They fascinate me. And decorating their swishy tails is so fun. Tons of ways to show them in their deep sea dens, among sunken ships, coral reefs, hangin out with octupi and starfish, the ideas are endless. Then I got really into the Folk Art style Prim fairies. I live in Columbus Ohio for gosh sake! Wouldnt it be easier to sell Country style Folk art than MERMAIDS???? Sounds logical to me!! And so I DO love the country style. I'm a country girl really, I love to poke around in the woods, I find edibles in the Spring that I dont even tell people about cause their minds arent open to these things, I believe the fairies live in the Old Oaks, and some of them are nearby in the parks. Quilts are soooo wonderful and I have several. I like to cook beans in a pot just for the smell. Country stores are a favorite getaway. There's one in northern West Virginia I've got my eye on. I hope me and Mom will get there one Summer morning. I was born in Greenbrier County in West Virginia, a cradle in the Blue Ridge Mountains where there is plenty of Magic and God Himself is within Reach. The stars are brilliant and one feels that standing on a stool would mean that touching them is not out of the question. We visited Grandma who lived on Orient Hill, Charmco Mountain, Rainelle. If that isnt a place of Magic, I dont know what is. I still have Cousins and an Uncle who live there and I envy them their funny country life where time literally stands still - my Uncle has a dozen clocks and none work. They have all stopped at different times, and his only calendar says the date is sometime in the 1990's.

Anyway, I digress. What I want to show u today is a couple of embellished frames. My mermaids are in them. The originals are sold, but luckily I have all rights, and so they still belong to Me. They are calling me again. I wonder what they want...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mixed Media Collage

I have been so busy y'all. It seems like i need about another 4 hours each day to get everything done! I have my little cleaning jobs 2 or 3 times a week, plus my spoiled rotten family which consists of my Full Grown Hubby and my Full Grown Daughter both of whom are completely helpless. I am making paintings, watching demo videos and learning to do stuff, playing with beeswax and transfer medium, having a great time, and then there is the LISTINGS!! They seem to hog up so much of my Time!!GeeZooie!! I HAVE been selling a painting here and there, and my Seaglass Mermaid altered Art necklaces are doing pretty good. This means more time in paperwork, shipping, and replenishing depleted supplies which is Always happening!!! I try to knock off by 9-9:30 pm, then I'm back at it as soon as i get my peepers open, and a cup o'joe in my hand. Man is it a blast, but I also LOVE adding pics and words to my Blog too! Its kinda like my 'down' time. Its a nice deep breath. Now, I gotta check my sales sites - I'm doing a showcase on Etsy today! Bye!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

NEW PRIMS! Beeswax Sealed

Hey ! I have been so busy with the art, I have started trying to hide the face that I'm spending like 12 hours a day on it. I dont even eat until really late when i consider myself 'done' for the day. It is an obsession i admit. But I've done some sales! Even an etsy sale which I was sure would NEVER happen. Ebay also! I'm making these Mermaid Altered ARt pendants from my old painting pics. They are doing well i think... Thank God for the success, I hope only to be worthy of the blessing the Good Lord keeps piling on me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mermaid on Sea Glass

These are 3 of my new Altered Art Mermaid pendants.

I think they are great. I hope to do a bunch and sell em online or locally this summer or fall.

Friday, April 10, 2009

a Captured Fairy

Here is my new Sea Glass Altered Art Pendant. I got the idea from a crafty show on HGTV called 'Thats Clever!' I used jewelry wire and a print of my Original art, plus Triple Thick Diamond Glaze and shimmery fairy dust. It looks great dont it?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moon Dance

I like this one y'all. It came together really fast, then AGONIZINGly slow. Then Fast again :)))

Now I love it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Abby Buttons' new Painting!
Title: 'Birds of a Feather'
She's still on Vacation, Cape Cod is beautiful this time of year! A lighthouse photo on the Cape was the muse for this Fairy Painting. The birds around her match her pretty pantaloons, and she's having a Blast! Isnt she cute!!

Oldies but Goodies!!!

These are two Fairies I did back in the Winter. I hung them in my Bedroom - they match my purple walls!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

FREE PRINT info & New Painting

Wanna follow this blog? Yay! I'll send u a FREE signed print of whichever pic in this blog you would like! All Original Artwork. Glad you're here!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

fairyartbyloralai Art Display 4 EARTH DAY!!!

These are other pieces of art on the display. Mine is the best though.

Friday, April 3, 2009

fairyartbyloralai found a really Cozy Mystery!

M.C. Beaton has a 2 series of mysteries. One is the Hamish MacBeth Mysteries, the other is the Agatha Raisin Mysteries. Both are delish, but the one I read last is Agatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfam. Takes place in Northern England in the Winter. Has fairy lights twinkling in the frosty night. LOVED it, and all of the books by this lady.

See what she's doing! It's great!

This is an example of her stuff. I am inspired and impressed.

New link

I found a really super creative talent in the Folk Art world. Click here to see what she is up to. If you into pretty, rennaissance like, spiritual art, you will love this Artist. She sells on several sites too. .

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where R U VIOLET!?!?!?!?!

Somehow Violet got lost on my last post. She'll get ticked if I dont put her on. Fairies are so sensitive.

Altered Art and Artist I LOVE

I want to show u my new creations. I've started using my Original Art to make altered jewelry. Man is it FUN. Quick and painless. I love it.
I also LOVE This Artist - she does alot of Altered stuff, and man is it beautiful. I hope to be that good someday. If i live to be like 200. check out this link and let your eyes enjoy .

Also, I have loved this girl for a long time. Her art is PRIM Folk, and her blog is really first rate. If you love primitive fairy girlie art, dont miss this one. I'm still listing at , and . Sales are slumpy, but i'm learning alot, and trying harder, and getting better. Amen.

Meet My Kitty CAT FRIENDS!!

I want u 2 meet my special Kitty Pals.

This is My Boy, TomPetty. The little guy got left behind when his poor mom got scared and tried to move her litter. He cried and cried for so long, then I went a picked him up and gave him a tiny bottle with really expensive kitten formula, and every 2 hours for the next 4-6 weeks. God was i so tired. I musta took him to the vet a thousand times i was so worried. But now He is about 10 lbs, with claws of steel and fangs for teeth!:) Elvis does not like it one bit, and Priscilla is iffy too. He is a brute, but still lays his head on my shoulder sometimes when i pick him up. He will be 2 this July. He is very picky too.

This is my Sweet old fella Elvis. He is almost 13. He's alot Maine Coon. See the M above his eyes? He used to be a real killer -dragging the poor squirrelies and birdies home for gifts, but these days, he spends alot of time stretching and sleeping. I love him so so much. My daughter Jessica brought him home from a yard sale when she was 10. She's 23 now.

This is Priscilla. She is 4. And WHAT a GIRL she is. She loves jewelry and sweets! She bites my wedding rings and makes me share my dried fruit, pastry, anything with icing, ice cream too. She has got loooong hair and its beeeaaautiful. I believe she was an Opera Singer in a past life, because She sits at the bottom of the stairs and SIIIINGs SO LOUD - but if we look at her she stops and gives this look like "What?" She is the only Girl. I got her from CatWelfare, and waited at the door for an hour before they opened cause i wanted her so much.