Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fates

This is my new Painting. It is titled 'The Fates'. These Serious Mermaids play a Powerful part in Greek Mythology. They are wearing craft cord hair and a shiny silver necklace. I like them. I used a nice Gallery Wrapped 1.5" profile canvas, 16x20. I bought it with a coupon. They are too hard for me to make. My hubby makes regular canvases for me though. Sometimes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love Etsy!

Thanks to all you Etsy folks who stop by to check out my blog! ESPECIALLY you buyers who have purchased Stuff from my Shop! I have found everyone there 2B very Positive, and I am Thrilled 2B a part of the Etsy Experience. Also, if you arent hip to the Site, surf on over, sign up and get yourself some HAPPY! Great Artists and Crafters selling everything at really reasonable prices. Do it Now. XX/OO

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Superglue, the Devil and Scrabble Tiles

Yesterday I made some pendants from Scrabble Tiles. Evidently these are popular. But I couldnt find the right bails, so Plan B was copper wire, wrapped on the edges and making a loop at the top for the necklace. Well, the tile wouldnt stay in the wire. First I tried to glue it in with Gel formula SuperGlue. My new realization, and a long time coming, is that SuperGlue is the Devil, thats right. If it sticks to the object, it still leaves fingers stuck as well. Thats best case. Usually it doesnt work, has to be practically ripped off or scraped with sandpaper or something from the fingertips, smells, cloggs - making me wrench the cap off only to find its dried up after only one use - or oozes out onto something it shouldnt be on!

I will use it again, of course. But a wiser Loralai will buy those single-use kind (which cost more and will still stick my fingers together) and try to work over something I dont need, like my Hubby's workbench :).

But oh yeah, the glue didnt work at all. Finally i smothered the whole thing in resin glaze, which made a mess and looked hideous but held the wire.

Then Hubby decided to cut a groove in the tile to hold the wire, which worked Great. Then He whined about doing some more of them for me, of course. But still he did it so i will be listing them soon on Etsy. Then I will Be rich rich rich.

Mermaid Collage of Original Art! Vintage Style

My new Etsy item - Prints of my original art in Black & White, with pieces of a poem by T.S.Eliot. On blue pearl with a scrub of stormy blue before a satin sealer. I really like this one and might do a few more. The idea of buying a 'Collection' in one piece might appeal. I would like to find something like this by some of the Artists i like so much. I'd consider it a gem! \\
I wonder if $19 is too little. What do u think? The size is apx 6"x5"x2".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doo-dee-doodle-doo, lalalalala, hmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm, doo doo de do do

Some new doodles which will be transferred to watercolor paper(or canvas paper...?) and get painted with acrylics and attach to my Notecards. Then add the stringy hair and deep-sea paraphenalia. I gotta go get some paper and card sleeves too......I'll show em to ya when they're done.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get these Ephemera sheets CHEAP !

My Etsy store has these jpeg sheets available now - make the purchase with NO SHIP FEE and i'll send 'em to ya to use for whatever you want! All are my Original Art!

Heavenleigh Art

I have a new Follower who's blog is Heavenleigh Art! Her bio is so spiritual and cool. I also love Her Art. We have some similarities but i think she is better than me so i will just have to keep trying and practicing. Inspiration happens!

Hi. Just wanted to show the latest notecards i sold on Etsy.

These are called 'SWISH' and 'Sea Captain'.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Follow me and I'll follow U!

I sure DO Appreciate all Followers! Your comments, tips, ideas, hints, and Views are so Welcome!!!! I also like Mixed Media with Suzi Blu and I recognize some of y'all from her super cool site. She is toooooo awesome. Papermoonies stuff is beautiful too! Her sites are really colorful and fun to read. I'll get on it and follow any new peeps. I check in and blog here a coupla times a week, Its so great to just type, read, enjoy the view of all the great artist out there, and add my own tidbits.

I had a dream the other nite about how to organize my art room. I have heard about people problem solving in their sleep, but this was a first for me. OK so I'm going down there and organize.....unless somebody wants 2 stop me.....anyone.....???


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