Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

1 More. Havent sealed this yet. Running out of white Beeswax. Cant forget to order more!!! When Winterfest is over, I'm gonna do a huge Etsy/Ebay listing.  If I have anything left.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

These are new 16x20 canvas efforts in collage. One has a whimsical, country style, while the other is darker and has a gothic, yet very feminine feel. Also, it has an embedded design that glows in the dark! The tops of the frames have a bunched, knotted fabric piece that adds just the right finishing touch! Will be for sale locally in December. Get it Here, Now! email me or leave a comment!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I painted this picture 2 years ago when my little black cat Tom Petty was just a baby. I fed him with a bottle, and here He is getting some TLC to help him grow.  Just like all Cat Ladies who are caring for an infant kitten, this lady is really tired, and trying to nap while the little one naps too.  A labor or love I will never regret, but Lord I hope its awhile before I have to do it again.  It is exhausting work.

New Paintings - Dragonfly and Dance Queen

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recycled Wood Cabinet Door - FAIRY ART for WINTERFEST

These are recaptured Wood Cabinet Doors.  Size is apx. 17"x21".  Cabinet Face style makes a natural 'Frame' for the Artwork.  Acrylics, Mixed Media and pastels are used.  Painting is sealed with a Satin varnish.  Signed on the Front, Titled, Signed and Dated on the back.  Lovely, Original Artworks.
Looks GREAT as a pair, but also sold separately.  On this Blog only until Winterfest, when they will likely be sold.

COST is $40 EACH, shipping cost varies according to zip code.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CULTURE CATS on eBay !!!

Scroll down and check out my eBay auctions - Culture Cats ! ACEO Art Cards that feature Fancy Cats and my version of Famous Paintings. Picasso, Munch and more, so Fun, and only $5 !!!

Butterflies and Lady Bugs

Two New Fairies ! 12x12 Canvas, Acrylics and pastels with adorable embellishments like Shiny, Sparkly Lady Bugs and Butterflies. Buttons, Collage papers, mulberry paper, ultrafine sparkle and sealed with 100% White Beeswax.  Sides are a generous Gallery style 1" profile, painted pink or blue to match the painting.
Click the painting to see a larger pic and more detail.  Some of the sparkly stuff didnt show up in the pic, but I can try it again if you want! Its raining today and the natural light is a little low, which is what I like for pic taking. 

I am selling these painting for a Delightfully Low $20 each.  Shipping cost is gonna depend on where you live.  I will be at Winterfest in Columbus, Ohio in early December - just Google for details!

I reserve all copy and reproduction rights to all of my Artwork.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Art Preview - Before the Local Sale !

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a look at NEW ART I will be selling locally.  Take advantage of excellent prices! Available on this blog until December!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Phoenix Phair - a TOTAL Success !! !!

I had SUCH a Great Day ! Phoenix Phair was really fun.  I have NEVER met so many Sweet, Wonderful People.  All the months of Work was really worth it. Especially the Kids, when they like my Art, I get really emotional.  One young lady bought a pink Mermaid painting, and I hope I hear from her again.  A Love Spell Lady Bug went to Katelyn who is 9 months old! and several wonderful Moms are decorating their little Angels rooms with new Loralai Art.  I am SO thankful to all the people who picked up a Business Card or bought a Painting or Card or Box.  I hope to hear from them again, and the lady who painted her Kitchen a Dusty Lavender color - I have alot in common with Her!

Y'all email me and send a pic so I can see where my Paintings live now.  I am always happy to do Special Requests,  a Family Portrait or 3 Sisters would be really Fun.  I will hunt for those paper mache houses to decorate to match your lavender kitchen.  Just LMK, and God Bless You all.

Monday, November 2, 2009

a New Creation

Just cant post any new art till after these Local Sales.  One is in 5 days, the other in a Month.  Then I really wanna do some work in Faces.  Even though there isnt tangible work in progress, my subliminal mind is spinning an arresting portrait.  So in January when the Snow is flying by or falling in clumps, crashing onto the giant Pine by my Art Room window, I will be sketching a new painting, lost in Time and Thought, living for the Second that a shade or hue finds its way onto the canvas, wood, or whatever I find to paint on, to finally breath life into a New Creation.

I really look forward to that.

Interesting classes in bottle art too.  And who know, Winter lasts a long time in Ohio.