Friday, February 27, 2009

Here are 2 more Fairies ! The Red one has denim stars, fabric and paper mermaid 'scales' and a red fabric bow. The wings are from the curtain i found at the Thrift! She WANTS to be a Mermaid, with her funny fake tail !
The next is called 'Life is a Garden of Daisies'. I really love daisies, and so does this Fairy Gardener. I made a Jewelry Box to go with this one, but i dont have a pic of it yet. I like the primitive kitty at the bottom. He's very curious. The Sunshine has glass beads and a little gold glitter.
I was up at 6:30 am working on the Art. It really consumes my life. My hubby took me to the movies this evening. We saw 'Madea goes to Jail' ! It was hilarious - the Madea parts - but some was sad. I cried a teeny bit but I didnt let the Old Man know it. He thinks I'm tough. SIKE!!
But the whole time I was thinking what to do with this really skinny tall Cabinet door I bought today.....hmmmm.........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

LOGO !!!!

YIPPEE!!! i got a new printer - the kind by Kodak that uses pigment instead of ink and therefore (???) costs way less to buy - well THAT caused us to have to upgrade to another Windows version. Which means we have to copy everything all over again. But the new version kept getting a hiccup. Which means I had to get my hubby up and make him fix the problem.

Then I got my art LOGO on my Blog spot! That's ALL i EVER Wanted!!! Boy, has he heard that one before ! :)))

Check out these CUTE Fairies!

They are my NEW Series of Mixed Media Folk Art Fairies ! They are going to be in my next local venue. I won't be really ready for a few months i think. Gonna do matching jewelry boxes, note cards and envelopes, maybe magnets, tote bags - who knows. Maybe stationary.
I really love the soft country style. Just like my quilts ! The colors are soft and cozy - roses, plaids, flowers, swirls, a stripe or two. I also use some natural raffia, buttons, fabric and collage paper. The wood surface is sanded when the paint is dry to give a weathered effect. My Wood Cabinet Doors are purchased from Habitat for Humanity's build it again center. The cash goes back to them, so I feel good about that. The paintings are sealed and ready to hang.

You can see I also love Thrift Stores ! I get some ideas just roaming around looking at fabrics and do-dads. The white lacy wings on this one are part of a trim on a sheer curtain. I will be sad when I've used all the 'wings' on that curtain! Hopefully I'll find another one. This girl has reddish hair that matches mine when it isn't dyed blonde, and pays homage to my red-headed Irish relatives !

If you want one of these cuties or more details about them, just go to my website: or Pricing, size, weight, it's all there.
And check back often. I'm really into this blog thing. That means dinner will occassionally be late, darling !