Monday, May 4, 2009

Follow me and I'll follow U!

I sure DO Appreciate all Followers! Your comments, tips, ideas, hints, and Views are so Welcome!!!! I also like Mixed Media with Suzi Blu and I recognize some of y'all from her super cool site. She is toooooo awesome. Papermoonies stuff is beautiful too! Her sites are really colorful and fun to read. I'll get on it and follow any new peeps. I check in and blog here a coupla times a week, Its so great to just type, read, enjoy the view of all the great artist out there, and add my own tidbits.

I had a dream the other nite about how to organize my art room. I have heard about people problem solving in their sleep, but this was a first for me. OK so I'm going down there and organize.....unless somebody wants 2 stop me.....anyone.....???


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Deirdra Doan said...

I love your little mermaids on nice to meet you!