Monday, October 19, 2009

A Brand New Kitty ....

My Sister in Law called me up the other day.  I always hold my breath when my family calls because they sometimes want to tell me something I may not want to hear, or do something I may not want to do, You just never know, Am I Right !!!??? 

But this call was for help with a brand newborn kitten she wants to rescue.  Fortunately I had some syringes and brushes and stuff left over from rescuing Tom Petty my little Black Cat I LOVE Oh soooooo Much, so I dived into my little Escort and flew across Town, stopping to grab a can of KMR on the way. 

The little thing only weighs 2.1 ounces.  The Mother showed no interest in it at all.  We got him started I think, and Lara (the new 'Mom') called today to say She was REALLY TIRED from being up all nite with the 2 hour feeding schedule.  I hope She can tough it out, only 5 weeks and 6 days to go, at least for phase 1. !!!!! I have said a prayer for them both. 

Going over on Wednesday to weigh Him/Her and give a feeding or 2 while I babysit little Ana.  Man I hope this goes well.

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loralai said...

Well, after 4 days I called my Kitty Angel Mary for advice since little kitten hadnt gained any weight. She had me pick up the kitten (a girl) and then she had a surrogate kitty mom take over the duties. LuLu's eyes are open after a week, her adopted siblings are much bigger than her, but she is gaining weight and holding her own. Further updates when I get to see LuLu bouncing and pouncing all around! (thanks again, God - and Mary)