Monday, March 9, 2009

Another FAIRY Folk Art PRIM by loralai

Howdy! ANOTHER fun Folk Art Primitive! This is 3 in my series called 'My Very Own'. This is of course "My Very Own Pig". I'm really happy with the way these are going. The simple, country style design will appeal to a wide audience, and I think they will do well in my next show. Plus I need to give this Fairy a name. Hmmmm...... I'm thinking 'Elbie'. It's my initials! (L.B. - Loryia Bond) Get it!!
I also am all set up on and encourage crafters to do the same. Its really easy to access groups and get unique free ideas for your next project.
Also, even though its slow going, I am listing on . Eventually I think that sight will make me a happy camper. Hope springs eternal, ya know!!

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