Friday, March 13, 2009

An ART SALE on eBAY?!!??!

OMG I really cant believe it! I sold the Fairy & Chicken Painting today on eBay. I seldom list there anymore. eBay used to be a SUPER Fun, HIGHLy Profitable Art Sales Venue. I was truly addicted for quite awhile. I still have 100% Feedback rating (165), which I really worked hard to sustain, and I'm still proud of.

But for some reason, (I think after the CEO change) eBay started changing the rules to benefit the Buyer Only, NOT the Seller. Fees were raised, and the smaller seller like me was being run out. That was about the same time (late Fall '08) that the economy really tanked, and the Buyers left. I've checked with some PowerSellers in the Art Community and they arent even listing anymore. Sad.

Maybe one day eBay will be viable for us Indie Artists again. One can always hope. Hope is Free y'all!! :)

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