Monday, March 23, 2009

Whole New Art Venue!

These are all new paintings from,
I'm also taking a few paintings to
Whole Foods here in Dublin for an April show. My cuties will be on display for a month, and there's a contest on Earth Day too!
Maybe somebody will see my Fairy Art and who knows maybe sell more Art ! I'm enjoying the creation process so much, its just a joy to make these paintings.
I was gonna scrap the doll idea, but i did a soft cloth doll with a simple shape and painted body. It looked alot like Abby Buttons, i was able to wash and dry it, and my daughter Jessica is willing to get out her sewing machine and sew some doll patterns for me to paint and finish!
That feels like a good idea too. I did 2 more paintings today; one is called 'Gimme a Break' with Abby at the beach, and 'Dancing with the Stars', with Abby doing her Ballerina imitation. I'll post those soon.

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