Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did U know About my MERMAIDS?????

I have something to tell u. In the past several years, I concentrated almost entirely on Mermaids. I love them. They fascinate me. And decorating their swishy tails is so fun. Tons of ways to show them in their deep sea dens, among sunken ships, coral reefs, hangin out with octupi and starfish, the ideas are endless. Then I got really into the Folk Art style Prim fairies. I live in Columbus Ohio for gosh sake! Wouldnt it be easier to sell Country style Folk art than MERMAIDS???? Sounds logical to me!! And so I DO love the country style. I'm a country girl really, I love to poke around in the woods, I find edibles in the Spring that I dont even tell people about cause their minds arent open to these things, I believe the fairies live in the Old Oaks, and some of them are nearby in the parks. Quilts are soooo wonderful and I have several. I like to cook beans in a pot just for the smell. Country stores are a favorite getaway. There's one in northern West Virginia I've got my eye on. I hope me and Mom will get there one Summer morning. I was born in Greenbrier County in West Virginia, a cradle in the Blue Ridge Mountains where there is plenty of Magic and God Himself is within Reach. The stars are brilliant and one feels that standing on a stool would mean that touching them is not out of the question. We visited Grandma who lived on Orient Hill, Charmco Mountain, Rainelle. If that isnt a place of Magic, I dont know what is. I still have Cousins and an Uncle who live there and I envy them their funny country life where time literally stands still - my Uncle has a dozen clocks and none work. They have all stopped at different times, and his only calendar says the date is sometime in the 1990's.

Anyway, I digress. What I want to show u today is a couple of embellished frames. My mermaids are in them. The originals are sold, but luckily I have all rights, and so they still belong to Me. They are calling me again. I wonder what they want...

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