Friday, April 24, 2009

Mixed Media Collage

I have been so busy y'all. It seems like i need about another 4 hours each day to get everything done! I have my little cleaning jobs 2 or 3 times a week, plus my spoiled rotten family which consists of my Full Grown Hubby and my Full Grown Daughter both of whom are completely helpless. I am making paintings, watching demo videos and learning to do stuff, playing with beeswax and transfer medium, having a great time, and then there is the LISTINGS!! They seem to hog up so much of my Time!!GeeZooie!! I HAVE been selling a painting here and there, and my Seaglass Mermaid altered Art necklaces are doing pretty good. This means more time in paperwork, shipping, and replenishing depleted supplies which is Always happening!!! I try to knock off by 9-9:30 pm, then I'm back at it as soon as i get my peepers open, and a cup o'joe in my hand. Man is it a blast, but I also LOVE adding pics and words to my Blog too! Its kinda like my 'down' time. Its a nice deep breath. Now, I gotta check my sales sites - I'm doing a showcase on Etsy today! Bye!!!

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