Thursday, May 21, 2009

Superglue, the Devil and Scrabble Tiles

Yesterday I made some pendants from Scrabble Tiles. Evidently these are popular. But I couldnt find the right bails, so Plan B was copper wire, wrapped on the edges and making a loop at the top for the necklace. Well, the tile wouldnt stay in the wire. First I tried to glue it in with Gel formula SuperGlue. My new realization, and a long time coming, is that SuperGlue is the Devil, thats right. If it sticks to the object, it still leaves fingers stuck as well. Thats best case. Usually it doesnt work, has to be practically ripped off or scraped with sandpaper or something from the fingertips, smells, cloggs - making me wrench the cap off only to find its dried up after only one use - or oozes out onto something it shouldnt be on!

I will use it again, of course. But a wiser Loralai will buy those single-use kind (which cost more and will still stick my fingers together) and try to work over something I dont need, like my Hubby's workbench :).

But oh yeah, the glue didnt work at all. Finally i smothered the whole thing in resin glaze, which made a mess and looked hideous but held the wire.

Then Hubby decided to cut a groove in the tile to hold the wire, which worked Great. Then He whined about doing some more of them for me, of course. But still he did it so i will be listing them soon on Etsy. Then I will Be rich rich rich.

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