Monday, July 6, 2009

Flower Girl - NEW Folk Art Painting

This painting started with a trip to my local

Habitat for Humanity Re-Build Store.

Sturdy shoes required for rummaging thru

lots of Home Repair/Restoration stuff to find a

suitable 'Framed' cabinet door.

Scuffed, Sealed, Painted and Finished,

Available today probably at my Etsy Store.

She would also look great on a paper mache Trinket Box.

Maybe I'll do that too.

Looking forward to September when I hope to do

a Winterfair sale. This image may be there also!

Her title is 'Flower Girl'. The Orangy-Red color is totally

Beautiful with the Yellow Ochre hair and slick black frame.

Used a wet pencil-top eraser to 'carve' the flower designs, and

some permanent marker lines to accent. The result

is a dimensional, carved look, with the paint lightened to represent

the dress, and the black paint allows some brush-strokes to

come thru. Since the painting is done directly over the maple-finish

of the frame, the color comes thru slightly, which is exactly

what I wanted. Mmmmmm. So satisfying.

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