Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help the Whales - Mermaid Painting

I hope this girl gets her message across - Help the Whales, but not so much that they become annoyed ! I think its funny and sweet. The little baby Whale seems to enjoy being cuddled ! What a baby.

The pretty purple hair has a layer of shimmer underneath, and a gold crown too. Purple and Red dominate, blended with an emerald glaze and true blue, with the sandy colors of course.

Maybe I'll paint a layer of translucent pearl onto the frame. Should I also put on some mixed media stuff??? Pearls, shells in the sand, glass bubbles??? Maybe. Naah. Maybe.
OK I did. Here is also the version after I really had some fun. Looks a little Suzi Blu - ish, but since she has cornered the market on that style, I'd like to do my own thing with the pearly, sparkly mixed media. Which is my usual modus operandi !!