Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painted Kitty

This sweet little boy hangs around the house and i feed him and he has a place to sleep too if he wants it. He is SO loving, wants to be petted whenever i am outside. So when I put my painting stuff on the picnic table where i like to work when its nice out, Here He Comes!
He almost walked onto the support, so I pulled him away quickly, then realized i had paint on my hands (NO!). So now He has paint on HIM!! U can see the turquoise dabs on His nose, ear and side!
Poor thing! There is some on his foot, here and there, and how is He gonna get it off???
Its acrylic so it will come off eventually and wont hurt Him. I just LOVE this little guy. The friendliest semi-feral I have ever been in contact with, and I feed em and pay attention to the homeless cats, so I have been around them for many years. I would love to have Him inside, but I have 3 already and my daughter has allergies too! I'm gonna order a really nice heated mat for the cat house we have, and probably some heated dishes. My hubby thinks that is Just Great..........;)