Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PRIVATE REQUEST - for a Mermaid in Miami

Why does this thing load the pics in the reverse order that i selected them???? I gotta remember that and select them in reverse i guess. hmmm....
Boy did I have a Blast making these paintings! Its been too long since I did these fun, sparkly, dimensional pieces. This time I chose square canvases. They measure 12x12x1, and are amazingly sturdy. Even more so than the 16x20's I used for so long. They have the shim things that make them extra warp-proof to insert in the back. Nice!
They are actually a Private Request from a Mermaid in Miami who had 3 little mermaid girls!! Cool! I was at the Aquarium with my little niece Darryan last week and I just mentally lived there with all those beautiful fish in the coral, watching sharks and stingray go by, catching glimpses of the colorful, exquisite fish playing hide-and-seek deep in the dark crooks and crevices. Wow. I'm startin' to tear up thinking about it.
Have you seen that Visa commercial where they show that SUPER COOL imagery of the Ocean, and I think they say something about taking your Daughter to the Aquarium on a Tuesday - and that song 'Tuesday Afternoon' is playing??? MAN DO I RUN TO THE TELLY WHEN THEY PLAY THAT COMMERCIAL!!! I should tape it so I can play it over and over. Would that be wierd or not?
The Seahorse was totally FUN to do. The encrusted belly and wing parts are a take on the Dragon Lore, because they lay on their treasure and it gets stuck in their Dragon skin.
Then theres the Vanity. That is a memory of my Grandmother's Dressing table from when we visited as little kids. She had an outhouse too. Which was totally normal for them. They live in the mountains and didnt get indoor plumbing until like 1980 or something!! But she had this gorgeous Vanity with a great big mirror, and it was so fancy I thought, and so much jewelry, and She would sometimes give us girls something. Once She gave me a golden fish, and it moved back and forth with its scales kind of loosely connected. Am I getting the idea across??
Anyway, the paintings are a Pair that match, but are not samey-samey. They are sealed with a semi-gloss finish that adds lots more dimension to the watery scenes.
Dear Buyer,
The cost is $54.00. I will cover shipping cost. Ready for their new home, feel free to Title These for me if you like, maybe the names could match your sweet girls?? If you would like something totally different, I will list these for sale on another site, and begin again. I have the sketches, of course.
I can send a paypal invoice or personal check is ok. LMK, I await your response!!!! THANKS so much for your interest in my Art!!

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