Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Ready ! Private Request for a Red Fairy Girl

So happy to post this Requested Fairy Girl. The support, a recaptured cabinet door I found (as usual) as Habitat for Humanity's Rebuild Center, is a really dark one this time. I tried to use an unfinished door but it had like a gouge on the side which I tried to smooth out or fill in, neither worked ! So I had to get out the sand paper and my Elbow Grease ! These 'framed' doors are getting so hard to find ! But I keep looking, because they are my favorite supports to work with.. Years ago, I painted on wood because it was cheap and easy to find. Later I was able to buy canvas, and learned to stretch it myself, but after all, I hunt for the cabinet doors. And the money goes back to a very worthy cause, and I like that alot.

The color, called 'Moroccan Red' is a Folk Art brand I think, but I went to look for more and they were out. The spot was even gone. Hmmm.... So glad I had enough for this painting.

I used a photo of the last Red Fairy Girl (titled Flower Girl) to create this one, the only difference is I added some dots around the swirlies, and blue eyes this time instead of green - I gotta have SOME Fun !!! Still, the painting is not an exact copy of the last one, and I dont want it to be either. Each is one-of-a-kind, and so this one will never be exactly reproduced either.

I think this sketch would look nice painted all greenish-blue. Like a swishy mix of both colors (Like the painting titled Fairy Club - Members Only posted a short while ago. (Replacing the red entirely.) Maybe one day I'll do it, but not now because I've got a coupla Witch ideas. A pretty midnight blue, graduated to an eerie moonlit white for a background, then, well, just wait and see -
Check back often, and thanks for looking at my blog!!!

ANYHOW ! Your Fairy Girl is Ready !!! If you are satisfied with her, and would like to purchase this Painting the cost is $49. I will cover the shipping cost. The size is apx. 18"x23". I have not varnished it yet, so it will take a day or two before she can be packed. I can send a paypal request or feel free to send a personal check. LMK, and thanks for your interest in my art.

Get in touch at, or . Or leave a comment here - I'll check back later today.

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