Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Any Day creating Art is a Good Day !

Gotta get this to the P.O. by Friday! Christmas is almost here. This Collage artwork Glows in The Dark! You can easily see one special effect in the music note on the left side. There are other less noticeable glow effects, but if i turn off the light i cant take a picture.....duh!   Swarkowski Crystals, glass  beads, larger mirror, silvery reflective paper and musical collage block, plus shimmer and sparkle AND sheer blue fabric tied on the top. Shwew. Thats a One-of-a-Kind.   This is for a Buyer at a local show I did earlier this month! Very good deal on a Very Special Artwork.

Phantom of the Opera and Twilight were the inspriation for this one, titled 'Musical Reflections'.