Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gee Whiz.

I sure would like to settle on a coupla really cute ideas a pull together a final draft of my total artistic presentation. I seem to toddle between this and that. I like so many ideas, its hard to decide on just a few things. I have the Paintings, a little altered art, made some herbal sachets with prints on them, handsewn. Bought some pinbacks and now i might get some polymer clay and cabochons and make prints on polymer and cover with clear cabochon. If i can find some clear ones that are a good size that is. I buy seaglass in bags and use the big pieces for pendants, but then i'm left with a TON of seaglass pieces that i have no use right now for. Having a little left over is O.K., but soon i'll have 20 lbs of seaglass and no way to recoup the cost of it. I also have paper mache boxes and wood boxes, and a couple of Cuban cigar boxes that I turned into jewel boxes in a Mermaid theme. They are still on Etsy.

So I hope i get a 'ping' (my subliminal messages) about which way to go. Gemini is the Twins, so we have a hard time agreeing on Anything. :)

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Papermoonies said...

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