Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hey Followers!!! Thanks for looking at my Blog - I'll send U a FREE Signed Print of any Image I post on my BLOG! Just Follow me and LMK!!!
Otherwise, PLEASE do not use my images Willy-Nilly as this is ILLEGAL!!!!!
I reserve all repro rights of course.
I use my Original Art to make alot of stuff I sell on Etsy, so check that out too.
This is my new Mosaic-style piece. Seaglass and sand on Acrylics, with a Mermaid inset. A unique Cabinet Door I found and just HAD to HAVE - know what I'm sayin'!! :)))

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Louella said...

OMG, this is the first time I have seen your art and I am in love with it, sooo darn cute! Love it all, especially all of the eyes, Extrememly creative! Wish I could have a signed print? Can I can I?? I"m going to keep track of you and your art, Your use of color is exciting, and Love the triples of "fairy's" also. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Louella Turvey @