Thursday, July 30, 2009

BON VOYAGE ! - Mixed Media Artwork

GOOD Morning ! What a beautiful Sunny Day is gonna be - Hmmmm.... what fun shall I have today.....ART !!! I think I'll paint another Paper Bag Bug. teehee!!! SOOO Cute. Like this one.
When we go to Michigan, near Traverse City, and get in the little aluminum fishing boat by the fishing cabins, and go out on Lake Choppy or whatever it is called, the water looks like this. And sometimes the sky looks like this too, and we have to go really fast to get back to the cabins before it comes a thunderstorm, and I have to hold on to the sides of the boat so I dont go flying out. But I have my lifejacket on even though no one else does which makes me look like a landlubber nerd but I dont care because sometimes my hubby is not totally careful and so anything could happen. So I feel like the Paper Bag Butterfly holding on for dear life.
Once we went canoeing in this place called The River of Skulls, which should've told me something. But anyways, it is also the Pierre Marquette River I think thats what it is called. But Honey-Buns had to scoot all around to get his derriere completely comfortable on the life preserver seat, and in the process he caused us to dump right over and we had just got in of course.
All of our stuff went floating away and the water was about 10 feet deep so the canoe was floating away too, and there was an older couple who went by very expertly in their canoe and stared at us. So we were totally soaking wet when we saved our own lives and got back in the canoe which was not easy. We lost some of our stuff and the new camera got totally soaked, but in like 3 days it started working again!!! It was a Kodak so we totally believe in that brand and always get a Kodak when we need a new camera. The rest of the way was twisty and turny and thank goodness the old man knows how to steer a canoe, at least once he gets his butt adjusted that is. By the Way, the life preserver that was the subject of our tipping over made him sit up too high once he got adjusted so he threw it in the back of the canoe.
That is all I have to say about that.
The butterfly wings are crumpled paper bags, and the same stuff is used on the cardboard form which makes the boat. I used some 24 gauge (i think) jewelry wire to make the words 'Bon Voyage', them put some black paint on to help it show up. Then I cut out some polka dot blue paper for the sails, and sprayed a little pearl paint for a final touch. Then I coated the whole thing with mod podge in Matte.
Now I'm gonna make another one. Then I'm gonna go get another recaptured (recycled) cabinet door and make a witch.
Thanks for reading about my vacation.

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