Friday, July 31, 2009

K. The Key words for this effort are 'probably' and 'maybe'. I probably have looked at it too long and have lost my focus and ability to make a coherent judgement on the outcome. Maybe i have misjudged the shading. It is supposed to be set in the darkness with 'maybe' the Moon shining on the water lilly petals. The petals are printed from a Fairy book I often use. It is pretty old and I've got lots of stuff sticking inside the pages like photos, half done ideas, pieces and scraps of projects that didnt work out, at least, not yet. Everything falls out when I pick it up but that does not stop me from picking it up and letting everything fall out. Maybe I still have not got the message that I should clean out that book and probably organize the miscellaneous contents.
The lilly pads are Mulberry Paper, which has threads running though it and looks very natural and pretty, plus I liked the olive color. I used jewelry wire to make the words 'Nite Life', but I'm not sure it shows up very well. I am glad to be able to make the words using the wire though, because otherwise how would I get them? Craft stores have some 'word' options, but they are usually limited to 'Dream' and 'Love', you know the deal.
Anyways, I finally got the 'Bright' (teehee) idea to paint the petals white, which added the only possibility of success to the effort. The paper bag dragonfly wings have some sparkly blue added which is similar to what I've seen in real dragonflies. I hope so anyways, then i got desperate and put silver glitter on the body, which is pearl paper clay. 12"x12"x1".
Well, its O.K. I'm on to the next Artwork idea, which is 2 witches on old recaptured (recycled!) wood cabinet fronts. They match, and are extraordinary in style, so I have high hopes for these pieces, which means I better not goof them up. They will be 2 witches, one black hair and dress holding a white cat, the other an opposite, white hair and dress holding a black cat. They will be wearing crowns which replicate castles, a scary one and a kind of princess one.
Thanks for reading all of this nonsense. :-)

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