Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NoteCARD Original Art - Send it or FRAME it !!!

CHECK OUT these new Notecards ! I am phasing out my other items on Etsy, so I can concentrate on making this a Notecard/Print shop. I can turn any of my Original Paintings into Printed cards, which have a little white border, perfect for framing ! High quality inks will last a really long time, so Buyers can display these Original Artworks for many years, or send AS a gift - no Card needed. These are just a few of the offerings, so check out my Etsy store (link in margin). They are SOOOO reasonably priced, so take several - the Holidays are a'comin' !!!
My hubby had to make a new template to print these cards. He was like 'NOOO problem little lassie.' He didnt say lassie but I was at the Irish Festival over the weekend. But then it WAS a bit of a problem and he had to sit there working on it for like ever. He works on computers all day so I know he was hating it. He finally got it to work, half an ink cartridge later. Well, so I thought.......
When I went to print the cards myself, ka-blewie. It wouldnt even let me in the document. It was like viewable only, not editable. SO, I had to call hunny-bunches-of-oats out of the bedroom where he was watching 'The Day After Tomorrow' again, and He had to print all of my cards out. Well, alot of them anyways. Then he proclaimed this was the last one for today, so I will have to weasel him into doing it again for me REALLY SOON. But He doesnt know HOW Soon !! Hee hee hee ..........!

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