Sunday, August 2, 2009

The pictured Cabinet front is a find from Habitat for Humanity (again)! When I went in last week in my flip-flop and sundress, the employees give me this look that says 'there she is again - the one who knocked down all the cabinet doors...'. I KNOW that is what they are thinking ONLY because of this ONE TIME when I DID knock down all of the doors. ONE TIME !!!
And that was ONLY because I saw this particular door that I just KNEW was the one I wanted! It was all the way at the top, and under a bunch of Heavy doors. When I pulled on it, they all came crashing down, which took what seemed like half an hour, but was only long enough for ALL of the volunteer employees who were wearing sensible, hard-toe shoes and cover-alls or Whatever to come and see me standing there in the midst of about 100 wood cabinet doors.
They said 'Do you need any help?' I said I would like to look at the Cabinet Door way up there on the top of the stack that was still standing, and one of the nice fellows got it down for me. But I didnt like it anyways. :)
And since then, they all give me this rolly-eye when I show up. Well, that does not stop me, and THANK GOODNESS because last time I found these 2 matching cabinet fronts, and I Just Know they are gonna turn out GREAT ! This one features a sleeping Kitty Cat, which has Cast a Spell on the Heart of this pretty, rennaissance style Witch.
Big, 18x24, sturdy and ready to hang, a real gem for the Witch Collector. Folk Art style, I plan on using the other recycled door to do a similar design, probably a Fairy Tale Witch, somehow holding a Big Red Apple !
And if those Volunteers would organize that Rebuild Store a little better, then I could find what I wanted a lot more easily.

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