Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starlight or Love Life - Special Request For Cheree

I am so crazy about this painting. So much to love! For ONE thing, the painting looks different, more luminous, in different lighting. One pic is with the flash ON, one is with the flash OFF. In a darker room, the pearlessence just SHINES. The stars, moon ring, jewelry, pendant lights and dress just POP! In daylight they become less prominent, and the shine on the leaves in the background become much more noticeable.

The patterns are purposely repeated, to relax the eye, and a natural kind of flooring draws the eye downward, then the eclipsed Full Moon anchors the painting, with soft curves all around the painting, pulling the viewer around the artwork's gentle flow. The green hues also have a hint of blue.

The Main Subject of the painting is the female figure. The painting centers around her, though she is not exactly Centered on the painting, and the male figure, though prominent, is more of a Supporting Actor.

There is fish element, represented in the suspenders and bird bath. This is representative of elemental Life, as is also represented by the Heavenly bodies, and the Earthly ones too.

I would like to title this painting 'Starlight' or 'Love Life'.


DEAR CHEREE, I would like your approval on this effort. I can make small color changes, also I can change the color of the Frame to a Sapphire Blue, Metallic Black or Antique Gold. Though I Really Like this Pearly Greenish color, it matches the leafy background, and I think u will 2. But I'll change it. If u want. I think the man is a cross between Barack, Tiger and Larry King! The Blonde is Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera maybe.

The size is apx 17x23". It is a lighter weight than the one you just purchased, and of several doors I just bought, this one seemed the best for this painting.

If u would like to pay by Credit Card, I can list it on ebay. They Just sent me a message that Buyers can use this method when they check out if they dont want to use Paypal, dont have an account, etc. The price is $59, PLUS shipping IF listing on ebay ( i will use calculated shipping 2 your zip with several options).
If u prefer to buy Privately with paypal or check, I will cover shipping, because then I dont have to pay ebay fees.
I REALLY enjoyed doing this Painting. It was a happy experience. I feel content with the results, and I particularly like the People and the play on Lighting with this Artwork. I also appreciate your interest in my Work, and hope to continue a wonderful relationship.

Thanks - L