Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Silhouette Witch Painting with Black Cat and Moon Beams

So excited about this Silhouette Painting! It turned out exactly as I imagined, which isnt ALWAYS the case, sometimes my idea changes as I begin the effort, I see some possibility that would seem to work better, or realize that an idea just cant be realized.
However, this time the Moon Beams, background trees, even the insinuation of a cloud over the Moon turned out exactly as I wanted. Yummy. Its not a big piece, only 13x17, which still isnt exactly Miniature! The signature is on the Frame portion, not the inside painting, the Hat does seem to hang on the tree branch, and the feeling of joy and abandon is conveyed in the painting as I wanted, so I just Truly HOPE that somebody else sees it too, then I will feel Understood, and that my effort is worthwhile... So, we will see. This item is for buy-it-now style on ebay, instead of Auction format, which is really what I am doing with all of my Artwork that I offer there now.
The Auction thing isnt really intended for the Art, at least I dont think so. I could put a Reserve on it if I didnt want to sell until it got to a certain price. Thats an idea to explore soon maybe. How about you Artists out there? How do you feel about Reserve and Buy-it-Now as opposed to Auction format - LMK ! chat at or
XX/OO !!!