Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Kitchen Windowsill is a perfect place for displaying variety of plants and flowers. A rosebud could stand in a slender vase, right beside a sprig of ivy, a tomato seedling, or a Venus Fly Trap!  These 2 Art Cards (ACEO) are part of my Series called 'Kitchen Window'. My inspiration is easily seen all around the neighborhood, where a plethora of knick-knacks, potted plants, vases, keepsakes, family photos and more adorn each and every Kitchen Window.

These will  be available on ebay at member: FindFolkArt (FFA). Also, if you want to contact my email, I'm sure we can arrange a sale! ;)  Acrylics including metallics for extra shimmer, glass paint, ink and stamps are used to create these Canva-paper Originals.