Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have had the Dream of Flying only 2 times. Maybe 3. And I dream ALOT. Vividly. In long 'Movies'. Sometime I have like premonitions i guess. And sometimes i dream of things that happened recently, but i had no knowledge of them at the time. I will tell my Mom about them, and She will sometimes tell me about something that just happened which she hadnt thought to tell me about yet. Once i dreamed about a cyber-pal who lives in San Franscisco. I dreamed I was at a Store or Restaurant she owned. Her husband and mine were there too. Business was great, the store was really rustic, lots of wood fixtures, and people were buying like souvenirs and gift-y items. It was So Fun. When I told her about it she said 'That was my Store near Haight/Ashbury back in the 60's'. Gave us both chills... She's such a hippie too. Still!
Anyway, if you ever have a Flying Dream, you are very lucky. They are rare.
This effort on Canvas (for a change) is representative of my Flying Dream. Paper bags make the wings, sprayed with water and crumpled. Dried Rose petals from my personal collection, paper confetti, hand cut, glass beads, stars and a small butterfly print of my Original Art is mounted on Stained Glass and added to the piece. The Dragonfly is made of Pearl Paper Clay. Acrylics are used for the first layer. Semi-gloss sealer spray is used in several coats to make the wings hard and secure all the stuff onto the canvas. I bought the silvery charm at a craft store, and was glad to have it this morning for this Artwork!
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Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! A flying dream ... that would be wonderful to have! I often have dream premonitions also ... my family knows to follow my advice when I have one too!