Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sketch of new Artwork for Kathryn

This is the sketch for a new Painting. Sketch size is 14x17, and i hope to transfer directly to the support without changing the size of the man and woman too much. I used the images I received to create an outdoor garden theme, with one design used for the 'pendant' lights, which kind of hang in the air, a 'mountain' provides the surface for another image, which is the trailing ivy pattern covering a large portion of the background. The rug portion will be a kind of sisal or natural bamboo stuff, represented by another image sent to me, and the color would be a natural brown/tan/creamy combo. (?)
The figures are seated on a fancy, plush chaise. She is reclining against his chest as requested, dreaming, resting or sleeping. His expression feels protective and loving. Perhaps He is home from a long day at last, and they are sharing a moment in an outdoor garden, relaxing in eachother's arms.
She is wearing a simple cotton summer dress and slippers with a puffy top, kind of fancy. His clothing is office-y dress, with shiny black shoes perhaps and stripes in his shirt with pink fishy suspenders as requested. The pattern in the pendant lights is repeated in the chaise legs.
I would like to do this painting in either warm, tropical colors OR a blue to beige peach, mentioned in a previous email. PLEASE lmk what u think, sweetie. My daughters Godson just arrived and so I must go and KISS and HUG him.
Love, Loralai

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