Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Butterflies and Lady Bugs

Two New Fairies ! 12x12 Canvas, Acrylics and pastels with adorable embellishments like Shiny, Sparkly Lady Bugs and Butterflies. Buttons, Collage papers, mulberry paper, ultrafine sparkle and sealed with 100% White Beeswax.  Sides are a generous Gallery style 1" profile, painted pink or blue to match the painting.
Click the painting to see a larger pic and more detail.  Some of the sparkly stuff didnt show up in the pic, but I can try it again if you want! Its raining today and the natural light is a little low, which is what I like for pic taking. 

I am selling these painting for a Delightfully Low $20 each.  Shipping cost is gonna depend on where you live.  I will be at Winterfest in Columbus, Ohio in early December - just Google for details!

I reserve all copy and reproduction rights to all of my Artwork.

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